Workshops are a great way to get different groups together to discuss and agree a way forward for a particular objective. One such workshop that I recently attended as a Project Consultant was a Big Team Retrospective held by Your Homes Newcastle.

The Big Team Retrospective was being held to enable the multiple project teams within the department to consider their agile transformation and enable them to reflect on the aspects which were working well, working not so well and things they’d like to change.

The techniques applied during the workshop were similar to those that would be used at a project team level when holding a review or retrospective on an shorter piece of work – but scaled up to cover the multiple teams and longer period of time. This enabled similarities across the teams to be drawn out, and encourage cross team interactions. As with all good retrospectives, some immediate actions were agreed during the workshop to enable changes identified to be implemented quickly. There was also a prioritised list of follow up areas that require additional support.

Rather than using sticky notes to facilitate the session, the teams were using Ketso a hands on kits for creative engagement.


Instead of using flipcharts and sticky notes, Ketso is made from re-usable materials. A felt worksheet, which laminated colour coded leaves to enable you to consider multiple questions within your workshop. This is a great option to encourage team interaction, that is also environmentally friendly.

I’ve seen Kesto in action a few times now, and really like it to encourage a fresh workshop approach – it’s great that it’s environmentally friendly too as you can simply wash off the leaves after the workshop. Just don’t forget to take a photograph of your completed maps first!

If you’d like us to run a Ketso workshop for you – then contact Jude.