Adinkra Agile

Continuing this series of articles where we are introduced to African Adinkra Agile which has helped me through many years of Project Delivery. It doesn’t matter what industry you work on, or which type of projects you are involved with this way of thinking can help you deliver more value for your business.

Vision – The Siamese Crocodiles

Funtunfunefu and Denkeyem

These crocodiles have two heads, but share a common stomach. So, how does this relate to a common vision or goal?

The two crocodiles Funtunfunefu and Denkeyem have been known to fight over food, however as they share a common stomach, they are in fact harming each other by fighting over it. Their common goal is to eat sufficiently between them to satisfy both of them. In Ghanaian culture the proverb is often used to prevent tribal in-fighting, however in our case of business it can be thought of like case silo working.

To ensure that projects can embrace change and adapt to deliver the solutions that customers need, there needs to be a clear vision and goal. Without a clear vision, it is easy for projects to become wrapped up in adapting to change, perhaps focusing on an area that is of particular interest to an individual or team. Silo working is very much against the philosophy of agile working, where people and interactions are highly valued. It is therefore important that the project vision is made clear to all that are working on it, and that there is reflection during the evolution of the solution to ensure that the project stays aligned to the vision. This can also apply more widely than on one project, the vision must be clear across the whole portfolio of projects which are being undertaken.

By knowing what the clear vision is, collaborative working can also ensure value is added to the business by evolving a solution which is also in line with its own corporate vision.

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