5 ways to support Agile Culture

Seems to be a hot topic this week – and it applies to traditional and agile delivery teams. People and leadership skills are key skills to enable your teams to be awesome.

This week at Agile NE our speaker was Meri Williams who gave a great talk on “Awesome People Management with Agile”, where she presented an argument that in agile teams we need good good managers (and to banish bad bosses). Her blog includes the slides for this week’s talk, along with a selection of recommended books.


Also this week, a new article has been published in “Project Manager Today” written by Marc Buchan, Principal Consultant at PA Consulting and Agile Business Consortium member. This article considered “5 Ways Project Managers can influence their teams culture to become more agile”. Marc’s article discusses the importance of regular reviews or retrospectives as they tend to be called by agile teams. This is an area that is close to my heart as I often talk about Sankofa, the Ghanaian Adinkra symbol which relates to the importance of learning from our past to improve our future.


Hope you find these reference articles beneficial, and encourage you to change your behaviours to help your teams become awesome. To find out more, or to book a workshop for your team to learn more about these approaches, contact us on 0141 628 2323 or info@it-howzat.co.uk.