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it-Howzat was formed in 2015 by Jude Paterson, after a career spanning over 24 years on the delivery side of technology projects and programmes.


Jude is passionate about improving how to deliver value from the products and services that it-Howzat clients produce. As a keen cyclist, she often uses sporting analogies to encourage learning, as well as bringing a wealth of stories and experiences from a vast range of business situations.

Since founding it-Howzat, Jude has worked with a wide range of clients. These have included both direct clients, and others where she has worked as an associate of larger organisations. Through this she has work with large number of UK banking organisations, local authorities, major power suppliers, NHS organisations as well as smaller SME technology companies.

Large or small, there are always opportunities to reflect and improve.

Jude Paterson
Jude supporting the Agile Business Conference’s Coaching Corner – October 2018

Now based in Ayrshire, Scotland – but supporting the world!


Team Scrum

“The workshop was great to get everyone on the same page”

Scrum Master

“Jude made it easy to understand complex techniques”

Agile Projects

“Obviously a trainer who’s been there an experienced the challenges”

Trusted Virtual Trainer
Agnostic Agile
AgilePM trainer