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User Persona template

Digital Services need Users

Developing digital services using agile approaches need to team to consider the users (and indeed the non-users) of the service being developed. I’ve been doing some work recently with a client and the Agile Business Consortium that means we’ll need …

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Project Approach Questionaire

Agile approach – consider risks

As part of adopting an agile approach to delivering your projects there are going to be a new set of risks which your organisation will face which need to be overcome. To support this the Agile Project Management (AgilePM) approach uses their Project…

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Scrum Overview

Scrum Framework Poster

Implementing Scrum? Free Scrum Framework poster available to download. You are free to download, print and share this image, however please include a reference to IT-Howzat as the source of the poster. ITH Scrum Framework Many lean and agile approac…

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Agile PMO Edinburgh

Introduction to an Agile PMO

I recently ran a session for PMO Flashmob in Edinburgh on “The Agile PMO”. The session introduced the group to some styles of working and skills that as PMO staff can gain to enable them to help create more agility into their organisations. The sessi…

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Delivering Agility to your Programmes

Following the recent publication of the Agile Programme Management framework by the DSDM consortium, with associated accredited exams by APMG, I was interested to compare and contrast the framework with MSP (Managing Successful Programmes). MSP has …

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