User Persona template

Developing digital services using agile approaches need to team to consider the users (and indeed the non-users) of the service being developed.

I’ve been doing some work recently with a client and the Agile Business Consortium that means we’ll need to capture a range of potential users for a digital service that is being developed. To support them I created a User Persona sheet that can be printed out and sketched onto to capture the different personas involved.

jazz story

As part of this, we might even storyboard their typical access to the service via “A day in the life of…..” cartoon, which can be sketched on an associated worksheet.

I’ve made this available free for you to download and start using to help you consider the users of your service. Remember – don’t forget the non-users ie personas who’d like to use the service but for some reason don’t or can’t, so that you can think about how you can support them too.

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