To improve your team – first work on yourself

Help your team’s performance by allowing yourself to consider if you are part of their problem. Reflect on yourself. Think about both your internal and external self-awareness of a particular situation. Then make a change to try and improve yourself, how you act and how you are perceived. Small incremental improvements make big gains over time. An interesting article was published in the Harvard Business Review, written by Jennifer Porter,…

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Leadership for Business Agility

Agile Leadership

As leaders we would do well to consider the 9 principles that support the agile leadership of our organisations. These were developed by the Agile Business Consortium, as part of their suite of white papers on Business Agility. You can read it directly on their site or by clicking here: Core concepts of good leadership in any field are to focus on Collaboration, Communication and Commitment. With good collaboration, effective…

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Adapting to a changing environment

Maasia Camp

During a recent trip to Kenya, I encountered a range of environments and situations which highlight how adapting to changing environments can help you survive. One example was Leonard, a Maasai whom I met, whilst staying the night at his bushcamp near Selengei, in the Kajiado county which is a very rural part of southern Kenya. To give you an idea of how rural it was to reach his camp…

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