ICAgile’s Agile Projects & Delivery Management

icAgile roadmap

There are many different training and certification bodies who provide development opportunities to individuals and organisations. One of these is ICAgile, who unlike many of the other organisations, take a wide view of agile and have developed a set of learning objectives under various themes (or tracks as they refer to them). New for 2020 Jude now an accredited trainer of their Agile Project & Delivery Management certification, which forms…

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Agile Ambassador

Following years of supporting the spread of agile knowledge and mindset to support your business develop and grow, earlier this year (2018) I was formally approached to become an International Ambassador for the Agile Business Consortium. If you’re interested in any aspect of their work, from delivering agile projects and services through to leadership skills and approach of business agility please get in touch. Post update 2020 – The ABC…

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Digital Services need Users

User Persona template

Developing digital services using agile approaches need to team to consider the users (and indeed the non-users) of the service being developed. I’ve been doing some work recently with a client and the Agile Business Consortium that means we’ll need to capture a range of potential users for a digital service that is being developed. To support them I created a User Persona sheet that can be printed out and…

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Agile approach – consider risks

Project Approach Questionaire

As part of adopting an agile approach to delivering your projects there are going to be a new set of risks which your organisation will face which need to be overcome. To support this the Agile Project Management (AgilePM) approach uses their Project Approach Questionnaire (PAQ) to assess the levels of risk throughout the project delivery. The questionnaire does not focus on the wider project risks, risk management techniques should…

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It’s New Year – time for a Retrospecitve

The 1st of January each year brings a flurry of new years resolutions – which have often fallen by the wayside by the 2nd of January! Rather than picking an unrealistic resolution, I prefer to follow a retrospective style review. At this time of year we tend to apply this thinking to our personal life, often linked to personal goals. Some of the traditional ones…..looking back at 2016 did I…

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Agile Business Conference announcement

Agile Business

This week I was lucky enough to attend the Agile Business Conference held in London where an important announcement was made about the DSDM Consortium. Building on their successes over the last 20 years in delivering support for IT projects, the DSDM consortium has expanded their focus to become the Agile Business Consortium. In recent years their Agile Project Management (AgilePM) and Agile Programme Management (AgilePgM) approaches have been utilised…

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Agile in Intelligent Transport Systems

Agile speedometer

Next week is the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) World Congress taking place in Bordeaux, France. Unfortunately we won’t be there, however Jude, the founder of IT-Howzat, has had an article published on Agile Project Management in the current edition of Thinking Highways magazine. Thinking Highways will be there, so look out for them if you are. The current issue of the magazine will be distributed at the ITS World Congress…

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