Agile Business

This week I was lucky enough to attend the Agile Business Conference held in London where an important announcement was made about the DSDM Consortium.

Building on their successes over the last 20 years in delivering support for IT projects, the DSDM consortium has expanded their focus to become the Agile Business Consortium.

In recent years their Agile Project Management (AgilePM) and Agile Programme Management (AgilePgM) approaches have been utilised and adopted equally to business as well as IT projects. Indeed this is something that I personally have spoke about during many events in the last year, most recently at Tech Yorkshire.

agile culture leadership
Slide presented at the Agile Business Conference

Agile Business Consortium CEO Mary Henson said:
“Some years ago, Agile became the mainstream approach to software and systems development and in those fields it’s now used more than any other approach. Increasingly, businesses recognise the benefits of adopting Agile methods in many different parts of the enterprise but struggle to understand how to enable it, implement it and ensure robust governance.

The Agile Business Consortium has evolved to address those challenges and, particularly to develop the Agile Business Change Framework – a new framework that will enable businesses and organisations to take an Agile approach wherever in the enterprise it’s needed and on whatever scale it’s needed.”

To find out more about the current publications and Agile Business Consortium, they have published a number of short papers on the Agile Business Change Framework which are available on their website.

As a keen advocate of the Agile Business, as has been seen through some of our talks on Agile 4 Business (#Agile4Biz), we think this change will bring positive opportunities for the Agile Business Consortium which we’ll continue to support.