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Looking for bespoke support – then consultancy can provide you with expert advice with a tailored approach. Available both on-site or remotely from as little as half a day (for remote consultancy assignments).

Coronovirus Healthcheck


Make the most of an opportunity to gain some agile expertise whilst we are potentially restricting travel around the globe. The spread of coronovirus is causing many organisations to mandate homeworking to help contain the spread of the virus.

Why not make the most of this by booking some dedicated remote consultancy time with Jude.

Interactive remote consultancy sessions can be provided where all team members can remotely join together with Jude’s support to focus on topics identified by you.

Make the most of this challenging time by focusing on steps you can take to improve your agile health.

Call us now to take that first step.

Consultancy is not just for the Exec team – periods of consultancy support can be used to help your team review their current practises, develop new techniques to support them deliver, provide external guidance and advice from an experienced practitioner.

Looking to benchmark your agile culture – consultancy support can help you identify elements of your agile culture and then support you in developing an action plan (in the form of a backlog) so that you can take an agile approach to improving the underlying culture of your organisation.

Consultancy support can also be provided over an extended period of time in the form of a call-off contract, to enable your business to gain access to a known consultant who has gained knowledge of your business environment.

This is your chance to tailor the support you and your teams require.

Contact Jude to find out options to tap into her experience.