Agile coaching road bike

Why use a coach – how can we help?  Coaches can support individuals or teams explore how they are working, enabling them to focus and consider how to improve.

Use of an external coach is beneficial as they can truly stay independent of internal business politics enabling a safe place for those being coached to improve.

1:1 coaching support, both remotely and onsite

Team coaching as a regular activity over a period of time

Ad-hoc coaching support as required, remote location

Coaching enquiry

To discuss opportunities and explore how coaching could help you or your team then please get in touch with Jude.

Whilst there are great benefits to face to face coaching, which we enjoy providing, to support the containment of coronovirus we are promoting an increase in remote support. This means we can still work with you and your times whilst you may all be working remotely.

Jude Paterson